TE Connectivity's High Speed Connectors for COBO Applications


100 position, x8 - 2317956-1

50 position, x8 - 2316451-1

COBO form factor enables at least 32 of the 400G modules in 1RU equipment with full height heat sink and distributed thermal load.

Single Footprint

Side View


Heat sink with clip attachment

Class B

Class A

Class C


Advantages of COBO Architecture

  • Consortium that is defining a standard for onboard optical solutions to be a common platform for coherent, long reach and short reach modules

  • Defined both eight lane (x8) and sixteen lane (x16) modules

  • x8 and x16 footprints each accommodate COBO Class A, B, & C form factors

Mechanical Details:

Easy and secure module insertion and withdrawal

COBO HCB/MCB SDD21 (Insertion Loss), PSFEXT (Power Sum Far End Cross Talk)


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Samtec Connectors

Rugged Micro Flyover Socket System

The UEC5 and UCC8 connectors were designed to work specifically 
with the FireFly™ flyover™ system. 



  • Insulator Material: Black LCP

  • Contact Material: BeCu

  • Plating: Au or Sn over

  • 50 μ" (1.27 μm) Ni

  • Current Rating:

  • 1.8 A per pin

  • (2 pins powered)

  • Operating Temp Range:

  • -55° C to +125° C

  • RoHS Compliant: Yes


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