Samtec COBO Architecture

COBO is focused on developing standardized specifications for on-board or embedded optics. Samtec has been a part of COBO since its launch in 2015. COBO and its members have developed new tools to further the adoption of on-board optical modules. These solutions continue to find acceptance in the market place.


COBO Compliance Boards

COBO and its partners have recently developed COBO Compliance Boards (CCBs). The CCBs are used for electrical and optical testing of COBO networking equipment. The CCB includes a Host Compliance Board (HCB) and a Module Compliance Board (MCB) which support 400GAUI-8 C2M interfaces.


Advantages of COBO Architecture

The COBO architecture, a two-piece surface mount connector system based on Samtec’s FireFly™ Micro Flyover System™, offers many advantages over competing solutions. Size, power and flexibility all play a key part.


Arlon Martin, Marketing Director of the Samtec Optical Group, summarizes these point during the following interview from OFC 2019.

As Arlon mentions, Samtec offers the COBO Power/Control connector. The UCC8 series reduces the size of on-board optical modules while increasing port density in data center and HPC applications.

Additionally, the UCC8 series supports all low-speed signals on x8 and x16 lane full-duplex options in COBO modules. The built-in positive latching capabilities of the new connector enhance ruggedness in on-board optical modules.

Addition details on COBO and the CCBs are available on Samtec’s new COBO Standards page.