Consortium for On-Board Optics Presentations


Senior Advanced Packaging Engineer

Optics is a ground field for Alexander, starting in the dot-com era, with his first internship at JDS Uniphase designing AWG for DWDM.  He received a B.Eng. degree in engineering physics with mention of excellence from the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, with a specialization in numerical simulation for solid state physics and laser matter interaction.


In his computer simulation and imaging master’s degree, he created a real-time STM image predictor to understand the complex convolution of electronic states in tunneling current measurement. He then worked in speech recognition at Speeckworks with Hidden Markov Model and Neural Networks algorithms. 


Joining IBM in 2007, Alexander tackle advanced packaging development within the C2MI research center ( with focus on optoelectronics and semiconductor co-packaging and in 2012, he moved to the silicon nanophotonics team to help lead optical characterization and packaging development.