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Please join us at ECOc 2023
  •  showcase your products in our booth
  • meet with your customers
  • create on-site videos 

Participants at ECOC 2022 in Basel, Switzerland 

$3500 Participation Fee Includes:

Event Participation Terms

Participating Members Agree: 

  • You must be a COBO member in good standing with no outstanding invoices.

  • You are exhibiting in the COBO Pavilion. Your demonstration and graphics should coincide with COBO's values. 

  • Your displays will be professional in appearance and content will be pre-approved.

  • Your displays will be setup and finalized prior to show open. 

  • Your display area must be kept clean and professional at all times.

  • Your display must be manned by at least one staff member at all times. You must notify an on-site person if there will be a gap in attendance.

  • You are a member of COBO and agree to promote membership, the mission statement, and goals of the coalition as appropriate.

  • Items will be stored where they do not impact the overall impression of the booth.  

  • Payments due net 30 from sign up. 


Newsletter, Web Site and Social Media Participation Terms: 

  • Content submitted will need to be reviewed and approved prior to any publication or socialization. 

  • Content should be related or reasonably related to the work of COBO and the industry. 

  • Any content submitted should not contain any internal and confidential material. 

Terms of Cancellation: 

If you decide to cancel your participation, you are financially responsible based on the following guidelines:


90 days prior to show: 50% of Participation Fee 

60 days prior to show: 75% of Participation Fee 

45 days prior to show: 100% of Participation Fee 

Thank you! Melissa Kallos will be in touch ASAP!

 Please Commit by August 18, 2023

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