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Aired August 17, 2020 - In 2016, the groundbreaking book Silicon Photonics: Fueling the Next Information Revolution opened a discussion about how optical technologies would transform datacom and telecom markets.

In the four years since the book was published, many of its predictions have come to pass. Photonic integrated circuits (PICs) are now found throughout the optical transport systems that underpin the Internet and all global communications. And the field continues to evolve at a torrid pace.

In this 40-minute webcast, we hear from authors Roy Rubenstein and Daryl Inniss, moderated by James Carroll. What did they get right in their 2016 work? What did they miss and where is the field headed next? The discussion will cover a range of topics including market dynamics, the competitive landscape, materials science, 400ZR, 800G, co-packaged optics, industry collaboration, and new applications where silicon photonics is having an impact, such as LiDAR, medical imaging, sensors, etc.


System Evaluation of On-Board Optics Webcast

Aired April 14, 2020 - On-board optical modules have been demonstrated since 2018, and systems using on-board optics were displayed in 2019. The webcast reviews the learnings that have come from designed systems and building networks using onboard optics. Information is shared why these learnings are critical for moving optics forward in the industry; especially as the industry looks toward developments such as terabit optical modules and co-packaged optics.


Beyond 400G - Featuring COBO, EPIC, and Ethernet Alliance

Increasing bandwidth requirements are pushing optical communication technology beyond 400G with faster switches, higher-performance VCSELs, silicon photonics, InP-based PICs, polymer, plasmonics and DML/EMLs will be imperative.


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