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Optica 2022 -  ​October 26-27, 2022

Optica-COBO Industry Summit - The Premier Annual
Event for Leaders in CPO and Pluggable Optics

Optica Industry Summits are multi-day programs that feature panel presentations, in-person networking opportunities, and external company visits and tours. Optica is partnering with COBO to host the Co-Packaged and Pluggable Optics Industry Summit. It has a focus on bringing companies together in the supply chain to discuss the innovations and deployment of optics in data center applications and beyond. Users and system integrators will give their views about the technology trends, timelines, and what’s needed from the optics community as the industry migrates from face-pluggable transceivers to optics co-packaged with switch electronics. What’s already here? What’s coming? What’s missing? We look forward to connecting!

Session 1—Perspectives from operator

How do data center operators view the future path of integration of photonics with switch electronics?  What are their preferred technology choices and timelines?  Are their plans changing due to changing user behavior with regard to applications or industry profitability?  Likewise, have they had to change expectations due to supply chain issues and other uncertainties in the technology? 


  • Brad Booth, Microsoft

  • Hong Liu, Google

  • Katharine Schmidtke, Meta

  • John Shalf, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Craig Thompson, NVIDIA

Session 2—Needs of system integrators

What do system integrators need from suppliers in the transition to co-packaged optics and electronics from face-pluggable transceivers?  What solutions already exist and what needs improvement?  What pieces are missing and how can suppliers bridge the gaps?  


  • Andreas (Andy) Bechtolsheim, Arista

  • Jeff Maki, Juniper

  • Radha Nagarajan, Marvell

  • David Welch, Infinera

Session 3—Board-level solutions

Vendors of board-level products will report on the progress toward co-packaged solutions, and what is needed from the manufacturing ecosystem, including materials, subcomponents, and manufacturing equipment


  • Jean-Philippe Fricker, Cerebras Systems

  • Michael Hochberg, Luminous Computing

  • Thomas Liljeberg, Intel

  • Tom Mader, OpenLight

  • Rebecca Schaevitz, Broadcom

Session 4—Making it happen at the component level

In this closing session, optics suppliers and manufacturers will offer their perspectives and open a discussion about the path toward co-packaging, including common challenges and solutions.   


  • Aleksandra Boscovic, Corning

  • Richard Grzybowski, MACOM

  • Tom Marrapode, Molex

  • Jim Theodoras, HGGenuine

  • Mark Wade, Ayar Labs