Advanced Material Solutions for Co-Packaged Optics

Co-Packaging Optics (CPO) is a technology aiming at improving signal fidelity and power savings for high speed and high frequency data center applications. SABIC’s Staff Scientist Peter Johnson and Jake Joo, R&D Leader in Emerging Technologies, Electronics & Imaging at DuPont, both are whom industry leaders playing a key role in the future of material science to make Co-Packaged Optics possible, cover key topics such as polymer waveguides, dielectrics, optical adhesive, thermal management, index management, and interconnect materials.

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Efficient Manufacturing for Photonics/Electronics Co-Packaging

IBM's Alexander Janta-Polczynski and Vikas Gupta of GLOBALFOUNDRIES update on silicon photonics co-packaging and manufacturing techniques and discuss competitive approaches such as parallelized fiber assembly and the compliant polymer interface method.

Silicon Photonics: Fueling the Next Information Revolution 

Authors of the book Silicon Photonics: Fueling the Next Information Revolution discuss how optical technologies have transformed datacom and telecom markets, covering a range of topics including market dynamics, competitive landscape, materials science, 400ZR, 800G, co-packaged optics, industry collaboration, and new applications where silicon photonics is having an impact, such as LiDAR and medical imaging, sensors.


Moving Optics Inside

As new architectures emerge for AI and ML, traditional methods are being supplanted by new ideas and concepts.  The driving factor for moving optics closer to the data source is to reduce power hungry interfaces of today. On-board optics are the first step towards building systems of the future where photons and electronics operate at wafer scale.


System Evaluation of On-Board Optics

Change is on the horizon in the optics industry as new systems are designed differently utilizing on-board optics or co-packaged optics bringing forth massive advancements in networking. The following presentations showcase system improvements enabled by on-board optic designs.


On-Board Optics for High-Speed Parallel Interconnects

On-board optics for high speed parallel optical interconnects have been in development for over a decade.  Centera Photonics explains how advanced silicon and III-V heterogeneous integration technology makes on-board optics possible today and into the future.     

COBO 1.6T Switch 1RU Design Concept 

On-board optical modules are successfully implemented by Delta Electronics with traffic running between COBO modules and QSFP-DD and OSFP links. This presentation showcases the design concept of how on-board optical modules are feasibly able to operate with traffic flexibility in a 1RU chassis.  

COBO 8-Lane and 16-Lane Host Compliance Board and Module Compliance Board Specification  

On-board optics are highly dense in design with very little space to operate.  Rosenberger's COBO Module, Host, and Cable compliance boards verify correct data patterns by emulating some host functionality and accessing high speed signal streams to ensure correct operation of COBO 8-Lane and 16-Lane Modules.


Advantages of COBO On-Board Optical Modules 

Applied Optoelectronic's COBO on-board 8x and 16x optical modules offer many benefits over existing networking solutions.


COBO Applications for Short Reach Interconnects Based

on Silicon Photonics 

PETRA's high density packaging technology employs polymer waveguide integration on 

PCBs now and into the future.  


Beyond 400G - Open Networking Standardization 

COBO standardization makes the difference to enable multiple vendors to communicate when rolling out a router or a switch.  The COBO standard is what drives the openness of optical networks - the ability to deploy a COBO enabled switch and plug it into any other switch without the need for additional design blocks.


COBO: On Board Optical Implementation Choices  

Molex showcases real world technology solutions required for on-board optical solutions and beyond.  


Automated & Robust Thermal Measurements of High Density

On-Board Optical Modules 

Samtec highlights future requirements for next generation thermal innovation and demonstrates automated & robust measurement results of high density, on-board optical modules.


COBO: Electrical Connectivity Aspects and Future View 

TE Connectivity summarizes the significant flexibility of COBO's standardized platform with the highest power envelope of all 400Gbps optical standards and how future operations are possible.


COBO Ecosystem: Post Specification Release Overview

COBO highlights its on-board optical modules and specification release.