New Design Considerations for a CPO or OBO Switch


Next generation applications trend toward disaggregation. To meet the requirements for cost, power, latency, and overall bandwidth of each component needs to be considered.  The removal of the optical pluggables from the faceplate provides an opportunity to re-evaluate the faceplate configuration for optical connections, heat management, and power into a network switch or datacenter server.


This month, the Consortium for On-board Optics (COBO) will publish a detailed 46-page industry guidance document addressing the design options ahead for a Co-Packaged or On-Board Optics Switch.   The guidance document represents the work of 47 COBO Members and took over 2 years to complete.  Our hour-long webinar will discuss key engineering topics, including these design options and their potential impacts on optical signal, thermal, and safety criteria.

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Consortium for On-Board Optics


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Working group develops technical guidance and standards co-package optics.

Formed to increase bandwidth and reduce power consumption of PCB interconnect systems.

Focused on data center

optical networking


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